Lough Easkey

Lough Easkey

Lough Easky (Easkey), Trasgarve, Co. Sligo is a glacial lake and covers an area of 119 hectares (294 acres) with an average depth of 3m (9.8ft) and a maximum depth of 13m (42.6ft).

A walk around the perimeters of the lough will clock you up 6km

Beyond the far right corner, (as you drive by with the lake on the right) of the lake is Meenamaddo. It is the 799th tallest mountain in Ireland at a height of 384m (1260ft).

Directly opposite the lake (to your left as you drive by with the lake on the right) is Sruffaunagarve, this is about 400m (1312ft) at its peak, it is part of the Annatoran mountain (a 4.7km trek from the lakes edge), which is 513m (1683ft) and is the 464th tallest mountain in Ireland.


A rough idea of the location of the nearby peaks

A flight around the shore of the lake(6km)