Tom, Dick & Harry – Windmill Players

Thomas Kerwood and his wife Linda are adopting a baby - it's the happiest day of their lives - or it would have been if Tom's brothers, Dick and Harry, hadn't decided to help. They are anxious to help make a good impression on Mrs. Potter, the lady from the Adoption Agency. With the arrival of Mrs. Potter, Garda Downs and two illegal immigrants from Kosovo Tom’s ingenuity is stretched to the limit. But things couldn’t get worse...or could they? The ever-helpful plans of Dick and Harry continue to go haywire and they further lumber Tom with Boris, a Russian Mafia mobster looking for the Kosovans, AND a reality TV programme. That is when it starts to get complicated! The adoption agency representative is aghast, the Garda is starting to suspect there is something fishy going on and the illegal immigrants, who do not speak English, are no help at all!

Will Katerina and Andreas be able to make a new life in Ireland, will Dick and Harry learn from their wayward ways and will Tom and Linda finally get their baby? You will just have to see for yourselves.

TOM, DICK and HARRY is showing in Dromore West Community Centre from Friday, 24th November – Sunday, 26th November. Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8pm. Tickets cost €10 and are available from Cost Cutters, Dromore West and Colleary’s Shop, Beltra or by calling 087-7908173 or 086-0679275.

**Please note that the performance contains adult content and may not be suitable for young children.